The best solar power bank in UK 2021

The best solar power bank 2021 in UK

Are you tired of consistent battery blackout for your devices? Carrying a reliable solar power bank can deliver great support. With different types and categories of power banks available in the market, it has become quite a difficult task to pick out the perfect one for your needs.

That’s the ultimate reason why, we bring you these top 10 best solar power bank 2021 in UK.

Solar chargers are effective and reliable, as they feature efficient power backup technology which helps you to charge all types of devices. Also, they are designed to be charged through both wall socket and solar energy. Requiring a sufficient amount of sunlight to charge properly, solar power banks also need to be plugged into an electricity source to avail complete backup facility.

Being a helpful device for travelers, it is engineered to store electricity backup for weeks. To make things easier for our readers, we have performed extensive research to evaluate technological and reliability aspects of various solar power banks.

Top 10 best solar power bank in UK 2021

This list offers a variety of choices for the best solar power bank to suit your needs and budget.

1. Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Bank

To keep your devices charged with an awesome power bank and keep your power bank charged with an awesome solar panel – the Goal Zero bundle is your answer. The 7,800mAH battery is high-capacity enough to charge two devices and is designed to do so quickly.

If you need to charge larger devices like laptops, the power bank can handle it easily. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, rest assured that the solar panel will keep smaller electronics running smoothly with no fear of seeing those battery icons hit the red.

For peace of mind on longer trips, the Goal Zero is the best power bank kit you can get. Just lightweight enough to make it easy to pack but powerful enough to work quickly and efficiently. It’s a winner!

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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2. Blavor Qi Portable Charger

Customers report that the wireless charging works perfectly, the solar panels work well even in low light, and the flashlights are very bright. On top of that, it’s wrapped in a durable shell with a non-slip grip, making it great for everyday use.

It’s got 10,000mAh of capacity – enough to recharge your smartphone a couple of times, depending on the model. The battery pack can be fully charged in 6 hours via the two inputs (micro USB and Type C USB) or you can use the integrated solar panel. It also comes with two flashlights on one end. A small LED indicates whether the device is charging via the solar panel. There are also LEDs to keep you updated on how much battery power is left.

You can charge your phone via the single USB output or – and this is the cool part – via Qi wireless charging. If you have a Pixel 3, iPhoneX, a Galaxy S10, or any other phone that can charge sans cord, you can leave the charge cord at home on your next camping trip!

Unlike most of the battery chargers on our list, the Blavor power bank has been tested for waterproofness and is rated at IPX4. This means that it’s splash-proof but shouldn’t be left out in a heavy downpour. While Blavor advertises this charger as dustproof, it hasn’t been tested for ingress of dust or other particles, so we’ll have to take them at their word for that. If you’re looking for a truly waterproof and dustproof charger, take a look at the BEARTWO Ultra-Compact Solar Power Bank below, which is our top pick for the most durable power bank.

Like any solar power bank with a single solar panel, fully charging the battery via the solar panel alone takes quite a while. The manufacturer reports it takes about 40 hours of direct sunlight. At 8 hours of charging a day, that’s 5 days of charging! Instead, it’s probably safer to consider the solar panel as a way to keep your battery topped up while you’re on the go rather than relying on it for a full charge.

If you want to use a solar power bank on a two-week backpacking trip through the Sierras, you’ve got a couple of options. First, you could jump up to a solar power bank with a larger solar panel. The Hiluckey 25000mAh Solar Power Bank, for example, has 4 solar panels that fold out and can charge the power bank much faster than Blavor’s single panel. Alternately, you could purchase a solar charger (which is just a small solar panel, no battery) to charge up your battery pack. For example, the RAVPower 24W Solar Charger can fully charge a 10,000mAh battery in just a few hours and weighs 1.5lb.

While other power banks are bigger or include more solar panels, none quite match Blavor’s great reviews and features, which include Qi wireless charging.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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3. RAVPower Solar Charger 20000mAh

This 20,000Mah solar charger made by RAVPower is everything about performance and battery density, as it manages to squeeze a lot of oomph to power up your smartphone, tablet and even a smaller laptop in a relatively compact form-factor.

Featuring two 2.4A Outputs and a cool flashlight for sending SOS messages or whatever, the RAVPower solar charger shines in this crowded market due to its bi-directional power delivery capability and large capacity, doubled down by a budget-friendly price tag. There’s also a LED display that shows you exactly how much “juice” is left, i.e. there’s no more guesswork.

Weighing 420 grams and measuring 6.5 x 3 x 1 inches, this solar charger is designed as a rectangle with rounded corners and boasts a matte/smooth finish, while the glossy end harbors the LCD display that lights up at a touch of the power button. Basically, if you’re looking for a solid and affordable solar charger with a cool design and all the necessary features required in the “current year”, this is the way to go, especially if you’re into hiking, camping or other outdoor activities, due to its portable design and the wear-resistant plastic that covers it.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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4. Goal Zero Sherpa 100

Designed by the top-quality manufacturer Goal Zero Sherpa 100 is a power bank that is different from the others in the market. The reason is that while most power banks are designed to charge USB electronics, the Goal Zero Sherpa 100 can do that and also charge AC related appliances.

Designed for the on-the-go type of user, the Sherpa 100 is equipped with USB-C (up to 20V/3A output) and USB-A type ports (5V/2.4A) suitable for all electronics including Apple products. Moreover, it is also equipped with a wireless Qi charge output of 5W capable of charging smartphones with such capability. Finally, the Sherpa 100 can also be used to charge a laptop two times and even TVs and a small fridge thanks to its built-in 100WAC inverter (with a 150W surge capacity). Making it similar to a small solar generator.

Besides, you will be able to charge the Sherpa 100 in 3 different ways, including solar power, USB connection and even through a 12V port that can be connected to a car battery. Finally, you will enjoy 6400mAh (97.7Wh) of battery capacity integrated in this Li-ion-based high-quality power bank.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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5. BioLite SolarPanel with Integrated Power Bank

Though there are several portable solar panels on the market, the BioLite SolarPanel is one of the few to come with its own built-in battery, letting you soak up the sun during the day, and save some of that power for charging at night.

The clever design incorporates a 2200mAh integrated rechargeable battery and 360-degree kickstand. The kickstand does double duty as a hook, for hanging the panel on a tree branch or tent, and a pair of anchor points also let you attach it to the outside of a pack with carabiners for solar collection on the go. The BioLite solar panel also has a handy sundial on the front to help you find the best position for the free-standing panel. The charging panel is also weather resistant, with a tough protective layer on the panel and covers to keep moisture out of the unit’s USB output and micro USB charging port.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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6. Anker PowerPort Solar

Although it’s pretty slow to charge up, it’s also slow to discharge. Aukey claims to provide up to eight charges for a smartphone and testing gave about 90% efficiency of its battery capacity, which is 20,000mAh.

The device also holds its charge for extended periods of time without being used, meaning you could use it right at the end of your outdoor trip and still expect a good performance.

Plenty of portable chargers that fall below the £20 mark sacrifice key features, either in terms of poor design, durability or capacity – none of which this Aukey falters in.

The two best things about the Aukey Power Bank is the AiPower adaptive charging technology and its Quick Charge offering. The single button on top makes the pack easy to use, easily switching between functions such as battery check, turning on and off and switching the built-in flashlight on.

There are two standard USB ports – the first uses AiPower technology to automatically adjust the power output for your device’s needs (meaning they each receive the safest maximum recharge rate possible) and the second is the Quick Charge 2.0 port.

The Aukey surpasses its competitors in this price range in that it has Quick Charge capacity.

This Qualcomm technology is supported by many newer mobile devices that allows for rapid charging and also means that the power bank itself will charge faster depending on what cables you have.

If your device doesn’t have Quick Charge capability, then the second USB port will act like a regular charging port.

One thing to look out for is that its lights, indicating remaining battery levels, show white for fully charged and green for partly depleted – a weird choice if you ask us.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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7. RLERON Power Bank 25000mAh Solar Charger

This solar power bank from Rleron has the largest capacity we’ve see so far at 25,000mAh. You can expect up to 5 charges for a Galaxy S8 Plus, while the iPhone XS can get up to 6 charges.

The Rleron power bank has three USB outputs and two USB inputs, one Micro-USB and one Type-C. It also comes with a Micro-USB cable.

There’s a useful display too, which tells you how much battery power is left.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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The CHOETECH J-SC004-1-EU is a waterproof solar charger that will become your reliable companion during hikes. It is inexpensive yet boasts pretty good quality.

This USB solar power bank is fitted with 4 solar panels. Your mobile devices will charge right there, so there is no built-in rechargeable battery. The peak power of this charger is 14 watts, with the transformation efficiency of about 23%, which is pretty good for a solar panel.

We also like that this model is lightweight and portable. When it is not in use and folded, its dimensions are only 15.3 x 14.8 x 5 cm. Its weight is only 360 g.

The smart construction of this solar-supported power bank has a pocket with a buckle for your smartphone. You will be able to charge your phone safely even when you are walking or riding a bike with a solar panel on your backpack. Apart from that, the design of this model has attachment holes for 2 carabiners that come included in the set.

The only con of this model is that it has only 1 USB charging port, so you won’t be able to charge a few devices simultaneously.

To conclude, the CHOETECH J-SC004-1-EU is ergonomic, light, functional, yet inexpensive. It is a worthy buy for any active person that enjoys spending time outdoors.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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9. Kilponen Solar Power Bank, 26800mAh

Kilponen’s power bank has a large battery capacity than others with 6800mAh. It can charge smartphones six times and tablets almost two times. However, it’s compatible with all mobiles such as Samsung, iPhone, and iPad.

Furthermore, it has two USB ports 5V/2.1A and 5V/1A output. It’s one of the affordable solar power bank as well as reliable. It’s a strong power bank and environmental-friendly. However, if you charge it by sunlight, it needs a proper light to get perfectly charge.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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10. Hiluckey Solar Power Bank

Lastly, there is the Hiluckey brand, and it made the list for many reasons. If you want another viable option and high performance is a big concern for you, this is the power bank to choose.

Though it doesn’t have the highest max output rating, it is 15 watts, which is enough for most needs. Plus, you can use the two flashlights that are built-in. No matter where you’re camping or what you’re doing, you can see enough to get by at night.

As with many of the other models listed here, you have a 26800 mAh battery capacity, so it’s similar to the others. However, it also begs to be different because there are four output ports, and one of them is a wireless charger. This is always ideal to have. If that weren’t enough, there’s a 1.5-year warranty, so it’s quite decent considering the affordability of the solar power bank.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021

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How to choose the best solar power bank for you

Even if you buy a high capacity power bank, it will eventually run out of battery after some period of time. This can be a big issue if you spend a lot of time traveling away from your home. In that case, getting something like a solar power bank with inbuilt solar panels can be a great option.

And thus, we have already mentioned the best solar power banks earlier in this article. You can even find their important details like features and options to choose the right one for you. But if you want to learn more about these solar power banks, then make sure to go through this detailed buying guide:

1. Capacity
The first thing to check before getting any kind of power bank is its capacity rating. Even with a solar power bank, it simply tells you about how long your power bank will last on a single charge.

This includes ratings like 20000 mAh, 30000 mAh, or even higher. It is generally recommended to go with a solar power bank with the highest possible rating. This is due to the reason that a 30000 mAh power bank will last much longer than a 20000 mAh one and can easily charge your smartphone multiple times.

2. Maximum Output
If you are going with a high capacity power bank for charging your smartphone multiple times before running out of battery, you should also check the maximum output wattage rating.

This rating simply tells you about the charging speeds offered by your solar power bank and is given in watts. Usually, you will find maximum output ratings like 10 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts, and even 18 watts in a few cases. With an 18-watt power bank, you can quickly charge your smartphone and save a lot of time compared to a 10-watt power bank.

3. Ports
Another thing to check while getting power banks is the type and number of ports offered by your solar power bank. As you would expect, having multiple input and output ports on a power bank is highly important. Thus, most of them offer 2 output ports and even 2 input ports in a few cases.

For output, you will generally find USB Type-A ports so that you can use any cable of your choice. A few power banks might also have a USB Type C port that offers input as well as output support for high versatility. Other than this, you might also find a second micro USB port on some power bank models so that you can charge it as you please.

4. Warranty
Apart from offering a long battery life, a power bank should also last for a long time so that you do not have to buy a new one again and again. Thankfully, this can be easily ensured by simply checking the warranty duration offered by your solar power bank. While most of the models available out there come with a 1-year long warranty, some models also come with a 2-year long warranty making it a much more reliable option for most.

The best solar power bank in UK 2021
The best solar power bank in UK 2021


There is no denying that getting a solar power bank is a good idea if you have an outdoor lifestyle or travel a lot. These gadgets can be incredibly handy for staying connected to the world no matter how far from the nearest power outlet you are.

The fact that there are convenient, environmentally friendly devices in robust casing means that a solid choice of solar phone charger should make you feel good about your decision on a number of levels. It may only be a practical way of charging your mobile devices but getting the right one can also be a way of making a statement about the lifestyle that you choose to live.

Don’t let flat phone batteries restrict you from now on. By choosing the best solar power bank for your needs you can look forward to enjoying the best of both worlds; outdoor activities and a reliable phone battery.

After you have made your choice then it is just down to you to put it to good use in a variety of situations.

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